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Analyzing Chord Distributions and Transitions in 16th to 20th Century Music 

Painting Pastoral Pictures with Music: A Comparative Analysis of Corelli’s Christmas Concerto



Tuning In: Perceptual Narrowing in Infant's Perception of Musical Intervals

Whisking the World: Topography and Receptive Fields in the Rat "Barrel" Cortex

Evaluating the Steinberg-Fischer Debate Regarding the Role of Psychological Studies in Public Policy

A Flickering Phantom of the Past: The Unreliable Nature of "Recovered" Memories in Legal Context



Bring It On, Logistikon: The Hidden Importance of the Thumoeidos in the Soul

The Telos of Life As We Know It: “The Good” in Plato’s Republic Versus Eudaimonia in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

Destination Undetermined: Travelling the Winding Road Towards “The Best Life”



Phonology and Morphology of Korean



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