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I'm a serious amateur who likes playing the piano, violin, and koto (a Japanese 13-string instrument), singing, composing, remixing sounds, covering songs, and everything in between. All my works can be found on my SoundCloud page, but here's a select preview.

Electronic Music Compositions
Pop Music Compositions

Genki Unno 


Kojo Acquah 

Pop Song Covers
Classical Music Compositions

Joseph Lee

The Japanese Koto: A Beginner's Textbook

Mizuyama Sangyo, Ltd.

October 2010

Advisory Editor: Joseph Amato, Ph.D.

Includes an introduction to the koto, explains the Japanese musical notation system side-by-side with Western notation, instructs basic and advanced performance techniques, and includes several Japanese and Western folk song arrangements.


Currently used in the Yokohama International School Japanese Music Program curriculum for elementary school students.

© 2014 by Erika S Trent.

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